Visiting Hours  ( Short)                           Lead-Henry                    Studio 65 Productions
Virtues & Vices:The Game (Short)      Lead- Max                           Metal Crayon Productions
Beyond The Sun  (Film)                           Lead- George                    AMBI Productions
Blue Rose  ( Short)                                   Lead – Ben                         JoReel Productions
The Glove ( Film)                                     Lead- Brian                       G. Stanfield/Pristine Entertainment
Always There (Short)                               Lead – Alan                        A. Russell / WeeGamers Pictures
The Wandering Chorus ( Film )               Lead-Choreat                    Dan Starling/ Western Front
Lee’s Choice ( Short Film)                       Lead – Earth                      J.Costea/WeeGamers Pictures
In Hiding (Short  Film)                            Lead- Colby                       Vancouver Film School
Thumbs Up (Short Film)                          Lead                                   G.Sparling/ SFU
Book Box (Short Film)                              Lead- Ari                           Uneide Art Productions
Lou   (Short  Film)                                    Supporting- Clem             Dream Big Productions
Home ( Short Film)                                  Supporting – Danny         JoReel Productions
Super Sam ( Short Film)                           Supporting –  Ian             Erick Boychuk/ Cadre Films
Jeremy Tanner is a Sicko (Film)              Classmate                           Capilano University

James Deen Music Video                             Bully                                ROOM/ Telus StoryHive
Home (TV pilot)                                                                                            Jerry Bruckheimer

Everiathing Show                            Talk Show Host         Everiathing Network
Our Voices Film Festival            2017 & 2018 Host

Voice Acting
WRITTEN                                             Narrator                      Edson Castro
GHF Foundation                                Narrator                     Digital Cyclops Productions


Who We Care For                               Mark                   K.Opatovski, Vancouver Fringe Festival


Improv Spontaneity               Vancouver Theatre Sports            Magret Nyfors
Castable Audition Magic      Kirsten Clarkson
Audition Technique                Shoreline Studios                          Morgana Wyllie
Voiceover Coaching               On the Mic Training                       Lee Tockar
Improv Workshop                    M. Hommy, A. Russell
Acting (Jan 2015- to date)    LeBlanc School of Acting         Julian LeBlanc & Athena Russell
Voice over                                    Brent Halfyard                         Halfyard Productions
Casting Workshop                   Judy Lee, Catharine Falcon, Paul Weber
Sitcom Workshop                    Josette Jorge
Acting Workshop                    Candice Elzinga
Private Coaching (Ongoing) Julian LeBlanc, Jeff Gonek
Private Coaching (Comedy) Josette Jorge
Casting Workshop               Kris Woznesensky
Audition Coaching               Shoreline Actors Academy        Omari Newton
Audition Coaching                                                                              Laura Adkin
Audition Coaching               Jeb Beach & Associates              Sarah Jane Redmond
Multicam Sitcom Workshop Josette Jorge
Core Acting Class                 Shoreline Actors Academy       Athena Russell
Spring Break Acting Camp  Tarlington Training                  Megan Fox, Carole Tarlington
Theatrical Combat Training  Digivations                              Kim Turney


Boating ( pleasure craft operator license), Waterpolo ( playing and refereeing), fishing, chess, taekwondo ( blue belt), swimming and theatrical combat; some horseback riding. Basic knowledge of French and Spanish.